Since 1895, Madkaud rum has been an agricole rum distilled and bottled exclusively in Martinique, directly from the pure sugar cane juice, in accordance with the requirements and know - how of its founder Félicien Madkaud. A spirited distiller, this son of Martinican slaves, born free in 1857, left behind him an exceptional oenological heritage that was passed from generation to generation until his current descendant Stéphane Madkaud . Produced by the « Fond – Capot » (Carbet) and the « Carabin » (Lorrain) family - owned distilleries between 1895 and 1970, this rum has been distilled since the 1970s at the multi - brand production site of Sainte - Marie on the Atlantic coast of Martinique. Madkaud rum benefits from the Protected Designation of Origin "Martinique" (AOC).

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